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You can get many of the parts you need at our main catalogue. We carry parts for the Jianshe 400cc ATV and for the 250cc ATVs as well as some parts for their smaller ATVs and dirt bikes.

If you are having difficulties getting your parts, give us a try at China Parts Depot.com. We carry parts for Jianshe products and can help you get back up and running in a reasonable amount of time.

We carry many of the ATV parts in stock for the Jianshe ATVs such as;

  • Starters, pistons, heads, cylinders and other engine components.

  • CDIs, regulators/rectifiers and other electrical components.

  • CV boots, shocks, and ball joint plus other suspension parts

  • Seats, running boards, lights... and many many more.

We are always increasing our parts stock of the Jianshe built ATVs.

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